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The two for Coated abrasive technique---Two Last time,we have conversated the fist part of the development trend of Coated abrasive technique". in this time ,abrasivesman Replica Handbags will provide the second part as it follows: At present, China is undergoing industrial transformation and upgrading. The Economic development and the entire manufacturing industry are transitioning from high speed to high quality. Quality is a guarantee for the survival of enterprises, the survival of the fittest this law is unavoidable, this is Hermes Replica Bags the law of the market, whether from the past industrial development history or from the last two years of the entire industry reshuffle, so many years to prove that survival of the fittest is unavoidable. The quality of products and services depends on the following aspects: Firstly, whether customers can obtain trust and long-term cooperation; The second,brand is directly related to product quality. If the quality of the product is constantly fluctuating, the customer Hermes Replica Bags can not bear the ups and downs; In the long-term competitive environment, it is no problem to run for a short period of time by firing a gun and changing a place, but it is certainly not sustainable for a long time. In addition, when market competition finally comes to details, continuous improvement and optimization are needed. From the long-term practice, we summed up several quality characteristics of the product: "safety", "high quality", "high efficiency", "low consumption". Can achieve these eight words, determines whether the product has the best competitiveness. Topic selection and development is also a condition of survival, excellence is an important source of the subject, is an important basis for enterprise innovation and development, because many topics and technical challenges come from precision, once the accuracy of higher requirements, it is likely to be revolutionary, such as the polishing precision of computer chips, From the past in millimeter, nanometer, submicron meter to now in nanometer. This kind of demand for innovation gives us a lot of opportunities and opportunities to see if we can grasp them.