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How to prevent COVID19 within abrasives enterprise 2020-05-10 For abrasives enterprises, how to www.allreplicabags.com prevent COVID-19 infection. Many abrasives or grinding enterprises are retuning to their post along with the epidemci situation of the coronavirous19 has been controled graduatlly. Howevery how should abrasives enterprises take preventive and control Balenciaga Replica Handbags measures within the working time? Through this abrasives platform , abrasiveshas man provides various prevention and control guidance methods, sorted out and Shared the following practices for abrasives practitioners Replica Bottega Veneta Handbags reference.and suggested the enterprises of polishing or abrasives makers to implement prevention and control measures in advance to ensure the safety of employees. 1. It maintain indoor air circulation and give priority to opening the Windows, abrasives advice that do not using the centralized air conditioning ventilation system. 2. Keep the working environment clean: keep the office and abrasives producing of area clean,. every staff wash hands frequently and drink plenty of water. Marketers should wear masks when receiving visitors and abrasives marketing department should create an idividual reciption room. 3.To establish a staff health monitoring system and regulation before the employees return to work, they should conduct a health survey to understand the health status of the employees before they return to work. 4.To add a special trash can for discarded masks to dispose of used masks, and be careful to clean and disinfect the garbage cans twice a day with 75% alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectant. 5. It should take dining time separately for staffs, avoid to gather when repast repast do not talk, have a meal as soon as possible.