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Abrasives Man celebrate with a prose Posted by: Abrasives Man      Published:2018-10-02 09:57

Tongwei abrasives Group hold a grand Replica Hermes Handbags celebration to make 69th anniversary of the funding of China .In order to celebrate the national day , and the ED of group ,Dr Jackie  written a prose to celebrate .

There is a kind of faith that Replica Celine Handbags called “ I love you China”
—She has a five thousand of history that reflected brilliant culture in the world...
—She is a great nation from 56 ethnic group
—She has the four great inventions ,such as papermaking and so on...
—She has the Great Wall that Balenciaga Replica Handbags let you know what Chinese spirit is....
—She has the Yellow river and the Yangzi river that reflected our undaunted spirits...
Blessing my mother country will be the more stability , prosperity and powerful

At the party end of anniversary , Tongwei abrasives group build a new view “ Tongwei  abrasives products grinding the world uneven”