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Product Name:Auto-molding machine for cutting wheel Model: Product Overview: Automatic molding machine for cutting wheel. --It is easily controlled by a preson. The machine is mainly used to making resin cutting wheels. SkypeSkype: AbrasivesMall
Product Describe
1. The machine is used to making for 100- 400mm cutting wheel and depressed grinding wheel.
2. It is easily to controlled by one or two workers.
3. The bought-in components like speed reducer, Hydraulic pressure and pneumatic element, The electric control part and so on, uses the import or the Joint venture, thus enhanced the complete machine continuous performance, and control the complete machine continuous running failure rate in extremely low condition.
4. Adopt cycle type structure, the position of the big turntable more accurate, stability, the machine structure is simplify, easy to maintenance.
5. Replace the mold conveniently, realizes the product variety, the specification transformation
6. It can use a set of mold molding the cutting wheels or grinding wheels in different thickness, which reduces the mold stock massively.

7. The products quality  is  stability.

The primary data

1. Molding product specification: For making 100- 400mm cutting wheel and depressed grinding wheel.
2. Structural style: 8 working places cycle type ; More than 8 stations dependent on the clients' requipment.
3. Mainframe Nominal pressure: 4000KN
4. Molding way: Load the material by weight, molding by mould
5. Control mode: Utilizes the PLC  ; automatic management system.
6. Mold whirl speed: 60R/MIN
7. The height of slightly lift in the material spreading out and scraping: 1.5~2.5 MM.
8. Work rate: 9-12 S/PCS.
9. Total installed capacity: 15 KW

10. Total weight: 6800 KG