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Product Name:Automatic machine for resin diamond polishing pad Model:AMP51 Product Overview: Automatic machine for polishing discs. It is an automatic producing machine to make Resin diamond polishing discs SkypeSkype: AbrasivesMall
Product Describe

This production line is suitable for the production of Φ80-175mm diamond soft-grinding discs(diamond resin polishing pad) (it can also produce various specifications of resin grinding blocks). The main systems of the equipment are: the weighing and loading systems for abrasives filler/resin dianmond filler; the heating systemsthe pressurized systemsthe cooling systems; the demolding systems; the mobile systems and control systems.

Th The device configuration includes:

--Two automatic weighing feeding mechanisms for resin grinding materials;

--Two automatic scraping mechanisms;

--An automatic flattening mechanism;

--An automatic placement lining cloth robot;

--An automatic placement die cover manipulator,

--An automatic cover pressing mechanism.