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Product Name:Semi-automatic machine for resin diamond polishing discs Model:AMP51 Product Overview: Semi-automatic machine for resin diamond polishing discs It is a samll machine and easily controled and managed by abrasives worker. Also this type of abrasives machine can produce the relevant polishing products SkypeSkype: AbrasivesMall
Product Describe

This is a semi-automatic production of line to making  resin diamond polishing discs. The prouction of line can be operated by a worker or two presons.

The productional line of the semi-automatic machine are used to producing the resin diamond polishing discs, the elastic grinding blocks; the grinding discs and barbaric blocks for processing stone and ceramic products as well as abrasives polishing blocks for stone.

This production line can be operated by one or two persons.  Also it is easily managed by a worker who is able to manage and control the multiple presses (1-4 sets) at the same time . It is an economic productional pattern. And the producing efficiency can be improved by 3-4times that compare the original single machine. At the same time, this semi -automatic machine reduces the labor cost and intensity , improves product quality. Replica Bottega Veneta Bags