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Q: Providing abrasives information from China marketplace A:Yes, our abrasives platform provides the related abrasives information,such as coate-abrasives, grinding wheel and polishing cuting ,etc It need to be noted ,due to this abrasives infor services is free for needers , so that this platform assumes no responsibility the relative legal to the clients. The service is for abrasives information reference only. If you needs the related abrasives information please contact email for abrasive man.
Q: what is abrasives flap discs A:For abrasives flap disc is called sanding disc or flap disc. this is a kind of tool to sanding those various and irregular surfaces with ordinary plane grinding , descaling and polishing, such as stainless steels and general metal materials. For instance, automotive manufacturing, heavy machinery , shipbuilding, aluminum, metal and decoration industries. As we know, Metal materials surface need to be sanding or grinding, hence this type of abrasives flap disc sloves the materials surface issues . Now , we produce the various abrasives discs and have a good quality and competive price . Replica Handbags
Q: Do your company providing a training for us A:Yes, We provide a production training for our clients who have purchased our automatic abrasives maker.Our team bases on the clients' requirement, providing a series of configuration of operational programmers from design, production , installation and so on... ; Thus , we offer a past -purchases services for our buyers. You can contact with our service call through email or Skype if you have any questions. Also, Tongwei abrasives team provides a paid service for production technique guiding if a clients needs this service. Tongwei abrasives technology Team is not only focus on automatic abrasives maker series of equipments , but our team also operates the technique cooperation of coated abrasives and Diamond tool .
Q: What automatic equipment for 72p/ flap discs is? A:This is an automatic equipment to produce flap discs, which mainly produce 72 piece of flap discs For this equipment, it has three parts, which are automatic slitting machine ; automatic machine for layout; and Heat curing furnace . All of these three machines are called for automatic equipment for flap discs. For slitting machine, it can slitting the different width that dependent on the technique needs of flap discs or flap wheel. For automatic layout machine, it is an automatic system to put the polishing sheets at the substructure of flap discs. The machine for curing furnace, it is a final productive step as the flap disc need to be a related temperature processing.
Q: How can I order your automatic flap disc maker? A:Tongwei Abrasives Technology Team provides a good pre-purchase of service for their client. Firstly , we provide some suggestions for the clients how to identify the place within the factory house to seting up an automatic flap disic maker. At the same time, we will traning operators who will managing this machine. After , we will installation automatic flap disc maker when the client has identified a place to seting up the machine. And then, our engineer will guiding how to operate this machine for the operators . Anyway , these are our service steps for our clients. Of cause , this is a brief illustration for our services in here. If you do want to gain the more information please you contact with our Account Manager.