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Abrasives Culture

Organization vision

------ A good gain does not need to take a long time.

Our ambition is to be a diversity abrasives products supplier from the common sanding manufacturer to developing new and innovative related abrasives polishing products ,which satisfies coated abrasives clients’ needs, such as,  flap disc, flap wheels with shaft , sanding belts  and the different polishing products.

Enterprise Values

----- With the development of enterprise and I; I share the fate of enterprises.

Tongwei Company thinking, the Company of successes based on staffs’ positive attitude; Employees’ developing dependent on Tongwei Company. Tongwei Company never stops researching and exploring the more professional automatic polishing grinding equipment. This is because the Company based on responsible attitude and cognition exploring in the abrasives field.

Enterprise Sprits

----- Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation

The integrity is the foundation of Tongwei Company survival. The integrity is dependent on the correct attitude. Based these key factors up, the innovation of abrasives polishing products can be created by Tongwei enterprise.

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