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Address: Zhengzhou of Hena Province ,China Replica Handbags
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Tonggwei Abrasives Technology Team is a professional coated abrasives puducer and focus on coated abrasives products, such as flap disc,flap wheels with shaft, sandardrization sanding belts and so on.At the same time , the  company is a vibrant of the abrasives technological team within the abrasives field of China, which has been created over ten years since 2008. The manufactory located at Zhengzhou of  China. As a professional abrasives processing of supplier in China, Tongwei Luster Abrasives Company always considers providing the practical and good preformance abrasives processing products are the company of service goal.

           It worthy of mentioning that the company is a premier of import and export distributor for coated abrasives rolls, polishing discs, flap wheels ,flap discs and resells other diamond polishing tools as well. As a key member at coated abrasives and superhard abrasives association, we have a good cooperative relationship with those abrasives manufactories. Thus, we provide the most competitive sale prices for abrasives products. The purpose is that providing the effective services and satisfying the various needs for our clients, which is the company of service goal.

As the specilization, the Company has the rich experience of abrasives specialists who emphasis on the abrasives polishing technical research, has been working in the abrasives industry for over 20years. Meanwhile, our team has the practiced workers for the working experience of the sanding and polishing. As a result, Luster Tongwei coated abrasives sanding products are based on the practical concepts to design and produce the advanced grinding and polishing of products for clients .
  It needs to be pointed out that the humanizing production designing form and the advanced manufacture technique have been employed at these practical automatic equipments. The equipments does not only employs smart controller to manager all of mechanical operation, but it also adopts the data control for product quality. Therefore, our productive the automatic abrasives processing of equipments have been widely approved by customers both in the domestic and overseas.

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Present, Tonggwei abrasives team is still exploring the more advanced coated abrasives grinding technique to make polishing pads, flap discs ,flap wheels and abrasives cutting wheels till now.